This is rather a disgruntled post in regards to how gaming businesses are now getting more money out of us for games. Very rarely now can you buy a game and just that game to play, it is always if you want to go on you need to spend more money to unlock new levels so you can actually continue playing the game.

DLC is now becoming all too common in games and it is rather a rip-off. You pay £50 for a game or the equivalent in your country for them to then ask for another £15-£30 so you can get more content to play. This content has already been created and made ready to play so why is it not just in the game why have I got to pay more just to play the game I have already bought. A kid could save up for weeks or even months in anticipation for their new game to come out that they want, they then purchase it with the last of the money they have saved so they can play online with their friends, only for a few weeks or month further on down the line a new map pack DLC to be released that he would then need to save up for and his friends may have already got it, now he can’t play online with his friends because he doesn’t have the same game maps on his game as them, how is that fair!

Game corporations make millions off the AAA games they release but yet they just have to squeeze you for that little bit more so you can carry on playing the game you already paid for. It is a farce and I think it needs to be eradicated from gaming, DLC is a scam and should not use this as a way to get more money. If you want DLC then bring the cost of your main game down to £35 on release so when I pay the £15 for the DLC I’m only paying £50 like back in the good old days. It is great that companies can update games now with ease but it shouldn’t mean we have to pay even more to them. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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