I love playing all games whether that be on console, PC or Mobile. I was recently introduced to the mobile game Wall Or Nothing in which you drop balls on the builders trying to complete Trump’s wall, and knock off as many as possible before they reach the top. You can collect bonuses and extra lives as you work your way to the high score and I can’t put it down!!!

The game its self is a great idea, especially if you like to mock Trump. The game is simple but very effective, it runs smooth and very well with no crashes which I have experienced with many other mobile games. The in-game noises and especially Trump’s voice is great, whoever was hired for that voice over has nailed Trump’s voice and it adds something a little extra in the game rather than just trying to knock the builders off, it breaks it up nicely and the addition of the bonus build up and extra lives you get, really help towards that high score.

Touching more on the bonus, it basically fills a bonus bar up the further into the game you go, it will grant you extra lives and also give you a spin on the wheel which will upgrade the ball your dropping for a limited time to make it easier to knock off the builders. Because some builders need multiple hits to knock them down the ball upgrades can really help to clear the wall the further into the game you get.
In the end, there is no major goal to work towards other than knocking off as many builders as possible and getting as higher score as possible. As I said previously the game concept is simple but it’s an effective game in which it gets you hooked to knock those builders down, it’s one of those games that drives you to want to beat that score you just set which is great. I would highly recommend this game to anyone that enjoys games like bubble pop and the such like as its fun and entertaining and anything poking fun at Trumpy and his wall has my vote!

My Highscore is 152 see if you can beat it !!!


Available on the Android and IOS Links Below :



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