This question has been asked and argued about on many occasion. No not what came first the chicken or the egg but which is better Playstation or Xbox. Now I cant claim to have the resounding vote on this but I shall merely add my opinion on the matter.

During my 23 years on this planet, I have dabbled between both platforms and I must say that not much really differs when looking on the surface of these two consoles, but if you dig deeper more things do come to light. Lets start with the Playstation, I grew up having a Playstation I had the PS1 then the PS2 they were both adequate what can say on these two Playstations other than I had endless fun on them, I was much too young to really be able to give much detail on them but when it comes to the next Generation the PS3 then I can give you my opinion on this. I didn’t get my PS3 till I was about 18 ( as I had an Xbox 360 till then but more on that further in the post), I loved my PS3 the games you could get exclusively on them were immense, you had games such as God of War and Infamous, the list is endless. With the PS3 I thought the graphics were always nice and vivid and they had good storage space as well due to the fact you could download games straight onto the console. Then came the PS4 ahh the beautiful PS4 its stunning with its sleek design and straight edges it’s just gorgeous, I started with the standard 500GB PS4 then when the slim came out I upgraded instantly and went up to 1TB as I was downloading a lot of games. The PS4 graphics are the best I’ve seen and the gameplay feels great, and along with it another long list of exclusive games and to date the games that are being released for the PS4 are phenomenal, you have The last of us, God of War again and the new Spiderman game, which I seriously can not wait to get my hands on, again the list is endless which for me makes the Playstation hard to beat but the Xbox will always try.

As I mentioned previously I had an Xbox 360 Elite 250GB, I had that from about 14 so 9 years ago, the main reason I got this console was because all my friends had it at school and I wanted to be able to play online with them and I was obsessed with Halo which is exclusive to the Xbox, i found that at the time people were saying that the multiplayer online play for Xbox was much better and I would agree at that time but as updates rolled in I would say that the Playstation caught up if not surpassed the Xbox, The graphics on the Xbox were good but once I got the PS3 I thought that was much better. All in all i myself would stick with Playstation for now as the exclusive games that are on Playstation I think far out way the ones on Xbox (other than Halo that rocks) so for that I will say that the Playstation is better than Xbox but I’m not completely off Xbox so we shall see what happens in the years to come!

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Anjim Plays · 17th June 2018 at 1:25 pm

I had both I was growing up and PlayStation all the way

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