The time has arrived and Spider-Man is finally here and Oh my god what an achievement for Insomniac this game is. It is quite literally the best game I have ever played, the storyline, graphics and mechanics of this game are truly immense.

The story Line- Without giving away any spoilers, Insomniac have gone to town with this story and it follows a Peter Parker that has been Spider-Man for 8 years so is seasoned in web-slinging. As you can imagine in 8 years Spider-Man has racked up a fair few enemies and 6 of them come in to play with this game and are brandished the Sinister 6. The six are made up of Vulture, Rhino, Shocker, Scorpion and Mr. Negative, only 5 I hear you say well I’m not going to give away number 6 for those of you that don’t know yet. The story takes you through many twists and turns and surprises while you make your way through this game fighting bad guys and swinging through New York. What I found great about this story is the way you were going through this game as Peter and Spider-Man meaning you were getting a good sense of the decisions and problems that Peter faces while trying to live two lives.

Gameplay- The gameplay in general for this game is very good, the swinging mechanics and fight style is truly a sight to behold, whether you just swinging around marvel’s New York or fighting it out with some thugs the whole feel and look of the game is seamless and the transition from each swing or punch is amazing. Staying on the fighting aspect I really like the ability to stealth your way through the enemies your fighting and staying undetected during a mission or challenge is really fun and rewarding as well. While you are making your way through the game you can upgrade your suit with skills, gadgets and also change to a new suit which you can chop and change the upgrades on, I think this a great aspect to the game with the changing of suits as it allows for you to change it up if you think it’s getting a bit samey. There are some great suits in there for you to unlock, my favourite being the Iron Spider Suit and the MkII suit as well. Each suit comes with its own special ability you can activate while in a fight, and these can even be changed between suits once they are unlocked. One thing I noticed with the suits change was the continuity in the game with them, too many times in a game where you can customise your character do these changes default to the original suit or clothes you start with but with Spider-Man in each cutscene your wearing the suit you have picked which I think is a great touch. Hand in hand with the gameplay the graphics are amazing, I only have the PS4 Slim so can only imagine how great the game looks with that 4K PS4 Pro. The graphics for me rival most games even God Of War which I thought had astonishing Graphics.
All in all, I would say this is right at the top my list for all time games I have played and would be hard to knock it off, I remember playing all the Spider-Man games over the years and of course with the technology, we have these days this definitely delivered and did all Spider-Man fans proud. Insomniac we thank you for bringing back our childhood hero and doing such a great job with it!!

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