The battle royale genre still remains hugely popular even after the very successful Fortnite, developers are still bringing out more battle royale games to try and topple Fortnite from the BR podium it currently sits on. I wrote a post last year giving my views on the battle of the BR’s which you can see here. The battle has now been fuelled with a few more BR games being released and soon to be released.

Firstly there is Blackout the add on to Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 which started out a complete success and won over a lot of people for being the game Pubg should have been. After a few updates, it seems to have lost a few major influencers from what I can see the armor update they did for PC near killed off any PC players that didn’t want to macro and have an unfair advantage. When Blackout was released last year it was also released alongside Battlefield 5 which is bringing its own battle royale to the table Firestorm, which will be fun to see how that gets on and I’m sure I will need to put out another post about that one.

The main battle royale to release is Apex Legends that came out last month. This game seems to be the Fortnite toppler everyone was looking for and it came out just in time as well with Fortnite starting to normalize in the genre it was able to pick up a massive player base and the first battle pass hasn’t even dropped yet. Apex is a great BR and currently, it is only squads with solos and duos hopefully dropping with the new battle pass sometime this month. It is cartoon based graphics like Fortnite but it relies mainly on abilities of your character and your shooting skills rather than how quick you can build. The main problem some people were finding with Fortnite is firing one bullet then just watching as they built a 5 story hotel to sit on top of which isn’t fun for some people in a shooter game. With Apex it seems to be more of an adult player base because of the lack of building which is great and hopefully, the kids carry on playing Fortnite and we can have Apex to ourselves.

The only other game that was impacted by Apex has to be Realm Royale, the game came out strong a while back but after a bad patch it lost a large player base and tucked away in the game library for a while. They then came back with another patch which leveled the game out and brought it to console, this increased there player base and it looked like they were getting back up and running, but with the release of Apex, it seems to have fallen away a bit. The fact they have to put bots in their game to increase lobbies tells the story on that game. It is still great fun to play but can be pretty easy depending on how many bots you come across throughout the game.

All in all, for anyone who is a fan of Battle Royales you are in for a treat with the selection of games you have to play and with these AAA developers having a crack I’m sure there will be more to come. I for one am really enjoying the selection we have to choose from and cannot wait to see what Firestorm brings to the table. Watch this space!!!!

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