Welcome to The Gamer Bloke

The Gamer Bloke is a UK gaming and lifestyle blog, which will be showing reviews on recent and older games with some game footage and screenshots available in the media section of the blog. I will also be posting up reviews of local restaurants and bars and also the occasional movie review also. It will take a look into male        grooming and keeping yourself looking ship shape and the best products to help      with this. In general it will be looking at your overall lifestyle and also appealing to  the gamer community as well.

In my posts I will be looking to keep them personal but informative, I will always look to give my opinion on things I like and things that I don’t.

Who is the Bloke behind the blog I hear you ask?

Well I currently work from home doing the blog and also working for a contact center where I answer calls and reply to emails. I game a lot in my spare time and spend time watching films and eating with my beautiful Fiancee, the games I enjoy the most are the Assassin’s creed games, FIFA and Rocket League but I dabble in many others across all genres. I love the Marvel & DC films and obviously Star Wars, I enjoy submerging myself into boxsets for hours mainly Peaky blinders and many others. I live with my Fiancee currently and my amazing pooch Monty and the four cats who are known as the weasels, yes i know FOUR!! madness really but they are my Fiancee’s.

If there is anything i havent covered here that you would like to know about me please do get in touch at :-zach@thegamerbloke.co.uk