I have, like many, been obsessed with the world cup lately and rightly so its the biggest sporting spectacle in the world! But along my world cup path this year I’ve been greatly interested in the kits, especially Nigeria’s. This got me thinking about what retro kits were like and if they were as cool and I found the best site for all your retro sports gear that you want, it’s called TOFFS and it’s awesome.

TOFFS is a retro sportswear shop and they are the largest manufacturer and retailer of authentic retro football shirts. They cover the periods from 1875 to the early 1990’s and they do a variety of shirts whether it be at club level or national. They have recently expanded their product range to include-

  • Retro Track Tops
  • T-shirts
  • Gifts such as DVD’s, books and prints etc
  • Kids shirts
  • Vintage Rugby shirts & Hoodies

With all these added apparels and memorabilia they have really expanded their audience as well, they offer a wide variety of the Retro football shirts and it’s the national ones that really got my fancy, seeing as it was the World Cup that sparked my search. In total, they have a selection of 60 countries to choose from then once you have selected your country they have a list of the shirts available for that country and they have a wide selection for most. I myself took a look at England first obviously and they have 3 pages of great Football shirts, T-shirts and even Track tops too, with the fact that there are a lot of people out there that are going back towards the retro look and the roots of their team then TOFFS is definitely worth a look. Even if it isn’t Football your into they have a selection of 15 countries for Rugby shirts to, so there really is something for everyone, the fact that their selection is so vast is great as well as it gives you great look at some countries you may not have taken an interest in before because there are some lovely shirts on there for other countries other than England.

If it isn’t just sportswear your looking for they have a great selection of unbranded T-shirts and shirts that you can have just for casual wear. With the fact, they have Kids apparel to I think is great as you can bring in a new g


eneration with the kit that won us our first and only world cup ( at time of writing, Come on England). All in all, I would seriously recommend checking them, they are reasonably priced and as I said have a great and vast selection.


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