I’m currently in the middle of studying an IT and Computing Hons Degree with the open university, and it is hard work making sure you have the time to cram in study sessions and write assignments while going through everyday life and working a full-time job it’s definitely no easy task.

I currently work from home which definitely helps with finding time to study, I’m able to book my own hours which means I can book around when assignments are due to allow me to have more time to write them out and cram in as much knowledge that will fit without interruptions. The fact that I’m studying my course from home also takes the pressure off, yes it can be hard to motivate yourself to actually do the work when you have your TV or Playstation there to distract you but its about managing your time so setting breaks so you have some time with the PS4 or watch some Tele but don’t let it become a distraction.

I find that if I study on a lunch break at work it actually hinders me as I get into a flow with my assignment and study that when you have to stop to go back to work it can knock you out of sync for the day and having the thought that you have to go back to work in the back of your mind can be a distraction. It’s always best to use a day off or set an evening to smash out some work as you have fewer distractions and interferences, obviously if your not working from home then it wouldn’t really apply to you but if you work away from home and you do split shifts or start later in the day the same sort of thing applies if you have maybe 3 hours then its not so bad.

I always set some time to leave the house when studying as well as I find the fresh air opens my mind and helps me to concentrate if you’re stuck indoors it can be draining and hinder your concentration and mean you could lose those all-important marks to get you a higher grade. All in all it comes down to time management, writing down a schedule to stick to and making a note of your assignment date helps as well,  with a busy life you can forget things and the last thing you want to be forgetting is your assignment due date.

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