When it comes to man caves you want to make sure it’s comfortable yet practical. So here are my top 5 things to put in your man cave.

1.  Pub games- There is no doubt that pub games can liven up any place especially a man cave, whether it be a dart board in the corner or a pool table in the centre of the room they never fail to impress and amuse guests and family members, you could even keep it as simple as a games table with a deck of cards a couple of board games and Jenga, plus any sort of game can be turned into a drinking so they aren’t all boring. Obviously, it all depends on the room that you have to work with, so if its only a small spare room or summer house then I don’t advise sticking a massive pool table in the middle.


2.  Small bar- It goes without saying that when you have the mates over a few brew-skies will be had and obviously as the gracious host you shall be supplying, so it always helps to get a minibar stocked up you could have a small bar fridge with tins and bottles in or even push the boat out and grab yourself a few lager taps such as The Sub which takes a small keg, kitting you out with a proper little bar. I’m not saying you have to go all out and build an actual bar for you and your mates to prop up unless you want to, but just subtle little things like a few spirits and mixers and a fridge of beer will definitely go down well with the lads.


3.  Seating- This is a bit of an obvious one as no one wants to be stood up all night so some seating should be a definite whether it be a small sofa or even some blow up chairs which can make a lad pad look pretty cool. You could even go all out and get some wooden stools carved up or grab some bar stools if you really did take the last idea literally.


4.  TV and Games Console- This one also goes without saying as a lad pad or man cave without a TV is sacrilege, doesn’t have to be massive but as always the bigger the better. It always helps to have a console of some sort set up with plenty of controllers for the nights of FIFA, Fortnite squads or Rocket League. The type of console is obviously personal preference It could be a Wii or even a PS1 as long as your having fun who cares!


5.  TV package setup- To go hand in hand with the above you definitely want to have some sort of TV package with the sports setup so you can make good use of that bar you hopefully setup. There isn’t much better than cracking a few cold ones with mates and getting the sport on the Tele.

If you manage to ever get a setup with these things included I’d love to see it as I bet it looks immense. Please feel free to send me over a pic to zach@thegamerbloke.co.uk and it may get featured on here or social media! Please remember to subscribe to the email list on the home page to receive an email update whenever I post.

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