There are many games I play at the moment but I’m going to narrow them down to my top 5. Out of all the games I play there is always a few games I play more than others or that are always downloaded and never deleted and then there are others that I delete and re-download when I’m bored of another game so I have a good cycle of them, here are my top 5 starting from 5 being the least and 1 being the best.

5. Fortnite– I got on the Fortnite hype and played one game, I didn’t touch that game after that for about 3 weeks until I was around a friends house and we took it in turns on solo. I got my first 2nd place finish that day and I was buzzing seeing as I had only got top 20 till that moment. From that day I played it constantly whether it be solos or jumping on Duo’s with a buddy, it was a great game to play but it got so overplayed and really modified the game became a bit of a joke to me, the updates that were getting added were becoming more ridiculous and the building was just damn right insane, if you couldn’t build you were screwed, unless you hid in a bush and hoped for the best. For this reason, I rarely play it now it sits on the console for now until something better comes along and that’s why it comes in at number 5.

4. F1 2016– I love playing this game as soon as the F1 season begins I’m on it and can have hours of fun on it but it can get a bit boring just going round and round the track its great for a couple of qualifying and races but after that it just all gets a bit tedious. The only time it does liven up is when it starts smashing it down with rain and every corner could be your last, but then you can just reset to before and accident time and time again as if nothing happened, no safety cars or anything it all seems a little to restricted, I’m yet to buy F1 2017 but if I do and its the same as 2016 ill be gutted as it has so much potential and for that reason its in at number 4.

3. FIFA 18– This game is a lot better than the previous years, they really did well on tweaking a few things like increasing the similarities in the players to the real ones and making crossing a lot easier, the story where we pick back up with Alex Hunter was also well thought out and followed on well from the previous game with its twists an turns and being able to link up with some great players. With the most recent update which introduces the world cup gameplay and also World Cup ultimate team its made a great game even better, FIFA has never been to big on international gameplay but have really pulled the boat out for this year and if it keeps getting better as it has been I fell like FIFA 19 is going to be even better, but for now it stays at number 3 on my list.

2. Assassins Creed Origins– I always play the Assassins Creed games I’ve been an avid follower ever since the days of Altair and Origins continued on the Assassins creed glory path this game has everything I love from the immense graphics and details of the open world right down to the fight sequences and story it truly is an amazing game in the series. I must admit it isn’t as good as the Ezio collection as for me that it tops most charts for a game series but it definitely wasn’t far off, I really enjoy being able to control the eagle and also the story line is very thorough and well thought out, the weapons and protection available are very good and like the fact you can craft and upgrade your weapons by collecting the relevant materials, all in all, it is one of my favorite games at the moment and was very hard to put in 2nd place.

1. Rocket League– Like Fortnite it took a while for me to get into this game, I couldn’t get the controls right and all in all, I was just plain rubbish. But having now learned to boost jump, embarrassingly only about a month ago I learnt this, but it has really improved my game. Playing at competitive level can at time be stressful and painful and currently I’m leveling up and down like a yo-yo, if you get the right teammate it can be really enjoyable but on the other end of the scale some teammates can be slightly toxic and spoil the game, I feel that playing competitively with a friend online is a lot more fun and easier to get in the rhythm of things when you have the same teammate over and over. With the casual game modes, you can have hours of fun, my favorite casual game mode is hoops as it helps to get better at boost jumping and also shooting accuracy as well and with hoops, you can be a bit more inventive with your scoring methods, for these reasons it’s going in at the top spot.


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